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Skyrama - manage your own airport!    

Skyrama is an exciting management game for aviation fans, in which you'll be able to manage your own airport.    

In Skyrama you can make your dream come true and conquer the vastness of the sky! As the manager of your own airport, you'll enter the big business of flying and soon your planes will rule the largest airspace in the world. At least if you have the commitment, brains and courage to do it, because managing an airport is hard and exhausting work, but it's a lot of fun!    

Take up the challenge, grow beyond yourself and exchange tactics and ideas with hundreds of other players and experience exciting adventures together in the world of airplanes. Instead of Boeing or Airbus, in Skyrama you'll fly the small Rama-XS-Express and the huge jumbo jet Rama-M-Super-Turbo.    

How to play Skyrama    

Skyrama is a classic construction game, but it brings a really great new setting and feel and quickly captivates every player.    

  • Build runways and airplane terminals, which you can also equip and expand again and again to attract new passengers and ensure satisfied customers.
  • Hotels, restaurants or a campsite will shorten the time before the flight or during the stopover.
  • Plan flight routes and gradually expand your offer.  Practice as an air traffic controller and manager.
  • Make sure you have enough pilots, flight attendants and ground staff to ensure a smooth operation at the airport in Skyrama.
  • Most importantly, exchange ideas with other players, but also stay one step ahead of your competition!

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Quickly expand your small provincial airport into an international airport and let your jets fly to destinations all over the world. Play Skyrama free online now on Kibagames!   

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