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Magoia - follow the call of your tribe!

Magoia is an imaginative browser game in which you'll discover a magical world and take care of your own tribe.

Admire the countless flying islands and cultivate various plants in your garden, with which you can ensure the supply of your tribe.

Update: Event "Garden Championship" from 09/17 to 09/23/2023!

Take part in the exciting garden championship and excel as a particularly good gardener! All players over level 15 can take part in the week-long championship. The more leaves you collect, the higher you climb in the league. And the higher you are in the league, the better and more rewards you get! You can win the particularly attractive multiple-yield fields, which allow you to harvest up to three times as much on individual fields!

Update 04/25/2023: Magoia is now playable on mobile devices on KibaGames!

Although the world of Magoia seems peaceful and harmonious, a sinister force keeps scaring all the inhabitants. You'll soon realize this, because right at the beginning of the free browser game, your task is to expel malicious monsters from the garden. Countless of these troublemakers feel at home there. Of course, that won't work! If you succeed in driving away the nasty creatures, you can start growing your first plants.

But why go to all that trouble? It's simple: You have to supply an entire tribe. You'll regularly supply them not only with plants, but also with many items that will improve the life of your tribe. But roaming around your own garden all by yourself isn't much fun. Like in other farming games just join a clan with your fellow players and make new friends!

How to play Magoia

You can choose from a variety of magical plants to plant.

  • Once harvested, you can sell them on the market or process them further.
  • Among other things, they serve as ingredients for the production of all sorts of things. For example, in Magoia you'll produce different types of powders, potions or even items.
  • And did you know that you can also raise abandoned dragons here?

As you can see, you'll face a number of challenges in Magoia that need to be mastered. Again and again, however, evil will interfere with you. From time to time, your tribe will be threatened by a sinister force, and you, as the tribe's chief or leader, will naturally try to prevent just that. In all sorts of different challenges, you'll show what a skilled and caring chief or tribal leader you are.

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Follow the call of your tribe and play Magoia free online on KibaGames!

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