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Big "Atlantis" update in October! Play SeaFight now and explore 9 brand new maps!


SeaFight - conquer the oceans as a pirate!

SeaFight is an exciting browser game in which you can fight as a pirate for valuable treasures and engage in many sea battles.

Become part of a pirate guild and face new quests together with your comrades. As a feared buccaneer, you'll soon be able to enjoy a life of luxury as you sink your opponents, earn experience points and face the monsters of the seas.

It's not just the fresh scenario that makes SeaFight one of the most popular online MMOs. The mixture of beautiful graphics, many fellow players, guilds and the appeal of treasure hunting are worth a look not only for fans of buccaneers.

Set sail and prepare to board!

Regular events and quests in 35 levels provide a lot of variety. Get to know the cold ice landscapes as well as tropical forests and fiery lava islands. A real buccaneer will be able to steer his ship to any part of the world and seize its treasures. Build your crew more and more, use different ships and soon you will be able to call many pearls your own.

Now get up to the lookout! Sink your fellow players, dangerous sea monsters or computer ships and play SeaFight free online on Kibagames!

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