Question 1:
Is KibaGames.com completely free?
KibaGames.com is and always will be free of charge. Our portal is solely ad-sponsored.
Question 2:
For whom is KibaGames.com suited and for whom not?
Our portal can be used by players of all ages. Our target audience is very widespread. The desire to play is part of the human nature. And even the youngest kids will feel comfortable on our portal and can play without hesitation. KibaGames.com is one of the most family-friendly websites in todays world wide web.
Question 3:
The games don't work?
1. possible reason:
- Most of our games are flash-based, so you need the latest flash player to play them. If this program isn't already installed on your computer, you can install it here:

2. possible reason:
- Some of our games are Shockwave-based. In order to play them, you need to install the latest Shockwave-Player. You find it here:

3. possible reason:
- If you are using a rather slow internet connection, some games may take a long time to load.

4. possible reason:
- Some internet browsers may cause problems with our games. We recommend using Mozilla Firefox:
Question 4:
Do you have problems understanding some of the games features / controls, etc.?
Unfortunately we can not provide instructions for 3000+ games. But we try to write instructions for more and more games in the future.
Question 5:
Can I download the games?
Due to technical issues we can not provide a download-service for our games.
Question 6:
Why do some games take so long to load?
Loading-speed on the one hand depends on the number of users playing at the same time. On the other hand a slow internet-connection can be the cause of this problem. We try every day to keep our portal as fast as possible.
Question 7:
Why is the website slow sometimes?
Our goal is to be the fastest and most modern gaming-portal. Currently we are drawing nearer to that self-imposed goal with rapid strides. It is a lot of technical expenditure to bear, but we are working hard to keep up the speed for you.
Question 8:
Is there a game you find inappropriate for KibaGames.com?
If you find a game on KibaGames.com, which does not match our family-friendly standards, please contact us via mail to
info [ at ] kibagames.com
Additional questions?
If there is a question we couldn't answer in our FAQ, feel free to contact us under
info [ at ] kibagames.com.