Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about KibaGames. If you need additional information or have further questions, please contact our support via email: info@kibagames.com


What is KibaGames?

KibaGames.com is a casual gaming portal that offers free online games and browser games with family-friendly content. On our website, players of all ages can find more than 3,000 games from various genres such as racing, action or lifestyle for entertainment. These "casual games" are suitable for mobile devices as well as for PC or laptop.
The KibaGames team attaches great importance to child-friendly content when selecting the games. All games are editorially checked and marked with an age rating by a certified body in accordance with the German Youth Protection Act (JuSchG §14a).
In the free, moderated community, which can be used optionally, registered players can write comments and guestbook entries, add favorites and friends, and design their profile with an avatar image.

Is KibaGames really free - how do you earn money?

Of course! All games on KibaGames.com are freely accessible and free of charge. We work with external game partners who provide us with the games and we finance ourselves through advertising revenue. Therefore, there are no costs or hidden fees for our players when using the website.
In some of our partners' browser games, such as Farmerama or Royal Story, it is possible to spend money on in-game items after registering in the respective game, for which we receive a commission. These games are marked with a clear affiliate notice. However, the use of the games is always possible for free and purchases are completely optional.

Is it safe for children to use KibaGames?

Family-friendly content is our top priority. We check all games published on KibaGames.com editorially and have them marked with an official age rating according to the German Youth Protection Act (JuSchG §14a). Also in the public comments and guest books we pay attention to a respectful and friendly contact.
However, we have only limited influence on the advertising in the games themselves, which is delivered by external partners. Although we exclude 18+ games and advertising from our website, we recommend that parents and guardians use KibaGames together with younger children in order to develop their media skills.

I have found inappropriate content in a game or in an advertising campaign. What do I do now?

We publish games only after intensive editorial review. Should you nevertheless come across inappropriate content or advertising campaigns, we ask you to report them to us immediately. Just write an email to info@kibagames.com, our support will take care of your request as soon as possible.

What are HTML5 games and casual games?

HTML5 is a technology that allows games to be played directly in the browser. Compared to the previous Flash Games or popular apps from the App Stores, HTML5 offers the advantage that the games can be played on the PC as well as on the smartphone or tablet in any browser without download and installation, for example in Chrome, Edge or Firefox.
Meanwhile, with the help of the Flash emulator "Ruffle", we can offer you some old Flash game classics on KibaGames again. If you miss one of your old favorite games, just write to our support and we will check if we can publish it again.

The generic term "casual games" means entertaining games "for in-between". Casual games offer an easy introduction to the game without the need to learn complicated rules. The simple operation via mouse, keyboard or touch on mobile devices also allows players of all ages to quickly immerse themselves in the game - ideal for an entertaining pastime during breaks, while waiting or while traveling.

Common Problems

Why do I only see a black screen when I start a game?

  • If a game does not load, please first check if you have activated an adblocker or another tool that blocks advertising. Since we and our partners are financed by advertising, some games may not work with an adblocker enabled. In this case, please deactivate the adblocker and reload the game.
  • Sometimes there may also be problems with individual browsers and browser settings. In this case it is worth checking if your browser version is up to date and if that doesn't help, try the game again in another browser.
  • In some cases it can also help to delete the browser data (i.e. cookies and cache). Note, however, that this will also cause your progress to be lost in all games that store progress locally via cookies!
  • Although we continuously check our game content, it can still happen from time to time that game links no longer work. In this case please write a short email to our support.

If you have further questions, our support will be happy to help you and try to solve the problem together with you. You can reach them by email at info@kibagames.com.

Why is my game progress gone?

Many games automatically save game progress locally on your PC or mobile device via cookies. Make sure that your browser accepts cookies and that your antivirus program allows cookies. For example, if you play in incognito mode, your progress is usually lost when you close the browser.
Attention: If you delete the cookies and the cache of your browser, your progress will unfortunately also be lost in most games!

An exception are most browser games where you have to register externally in the game and create an account. In this case, the game progress is saved in the game via your account, which also offers the advantage that you can retrieve your game progress at any time when changing devices.
Please don't confuse this with logging in to the KibaGames community: logging in to KibaGames allows you to post comments and in guestbooks, but does not save progress in games.

Why do games take a long time to load or don't run smoothly?

Complex and graphically demanding games, which are usually built with the game engine "Unity" and load a lot of data, often take a little longer to start and do not run smoothly on all devices. Especially older smartphones or tablets may not have enough power to display these games without errors.

What do I do if I have a problem with a browser game?

If you have problems with browser games such as Farmerama or Royal Story, the support of the respective manufacturer will be happy to help you. Simply contact the respective support team using the corresponding buttons in the game. KibaGames has no influence on or access to user accounts in games of partners.


What are the rules on KibaGames?

It is important to us that all players feel comfortable and safe in the KibaGames community. This includes a respectful, social interaction and a friendly tone. Please behave as you would expect other players to behave: in a friendly and fair manner. Above all, this includes not insulting, provoking or bullying anyone.
We are always happy to hear your opinions and criticism. If you want us to help you, it works best if you give us objective arguments. However, we will delete unobjective or insulting criticism.

The following things are not tolerated:

  • Publishing personal data in any form (email address, password, age, name, cell phone number, social media accounts...). To avoid misunderstandings, you should also not ask for such data of other players.
  • Publishing external links. We cannot control the content of external websites and ensure that they are suitable for children.
  • Spam and promotional content in any form
  • Sexual harassment, hate, violence, pornographic, racist, extremist or discriminatory content in any form.
  • Profanity, fecal language, and inappropriate and offensive usernames.
  • Cheating (the artificial enhancement of game scores through unauthorized features or utilities) and bugusing (the exploitation of bugs on the site and/or in games).
  • Multi-accounts: Each account may only be used by a single player and login credentials may not be shared under any circumstances. The only exception is parents who manage their children's accounts.
  • Comments in languages other than English
  • By the way, everything that is forbidden in real life is also forbidden here on KibaGames.com.

Violations of the rules mentioned here or of the terms and conditions will lead to a removal of the corresponding posts and to a blocking of the respective user account.
If you find any unwanted content, please report it immediately by email to our support at info@kibagames.com. In addition, there is a report button for comments, which can be used to report rule violations to the KibaGames team. Please use it only for this purpose.

Why should I become a member at all?

A membership on KibaGames is completely free and offers you the following advantages:

  • You can use community features like the comments and the guestbook.
  • You can find your favorite games faster.
  • We are constantly developing our services to offer you the best possible gaming experience.

How do I get an avatar picture?

Some players still have an old avatar picture that could be designed in a previous community version. Since we can't offer an own picture upload for legal reasons, there is currently a limited selection of pictures available for new players to upload to their profile.

  • Click on the icon with the pencil in your profile.
  • Select one of the predefined pictures and click on "Save".
  • In order for the image to be visible, you currently need to log out and log back in. We are working on improving this process.

How do I write guestbook entries?

  • Go to the profile where you want to leave a message in the guestbook.
  • In the guestbook area you will find a field where you can write new guestbook entries.
  • You can also write in your own guestbook in this way when you open your profile.
  • You can also hide your guestbook under "Profile settings".

How do I use the "Favorites" function to find games faster?

With the favorites function you can "remember" the games you liked the most. To do this, simply click on the heart symbol next to the game title on the game page of a game you would like to find again. You will then find the game in the "Favorites" section of your profile and will not have to search for it on the website.

Why do I have to verify my email address and how to do it?

When you register at KibaGames, you have to confirm that the email address you entered during registration is really yours.
You can verify your email address as follows:

  • After your registration, you will receive a confirmation email with a verification link.
  • Go to your email box, open the confirmation email and click on the verification link.
  • Your email address is now confirmed.

If you do not receive the email or are unable to use the included verification link, please email our support at info@kibagames.com from the email address you registered with.

How can I change my email address or password?

You can easily change your email address and password in your settings:

  • Click on your profile and then on "Profile settings".
  • Here you can change your email address or reset your password.

How do I delete my community account?

You can easily delete your KibaGames profile in your settings:

  • Click on your profile and then on "Profile settings".
  • Click on "Delete user account".

I don't have access to my old KibaGames profile anymore, can you give me access to it?

Unfortunately we are not able to give you access to your old KibaGames profile if you do not have access to your email address anymore. If you simply forgot your password, you can always use the "forgot password" function in the login window.


I have developed a game, can I upload it to KibaGames?

Currently (as of 2023) we are not able to cooperate with individual game developers and only publish games in partnership with game publishers.

I am interested in a cooperation with KibaGames, who can I contact?

Information about cooperation opportunities can be found on this page.

I would like to place an article on KibaGames, is this possible?

No, we currently do not publish external, promotional articles.