Paradise Island 2

Approved for Ages 12+

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Paradise Island 2 - Manage your own resort on the dream island!

Paradise Island 2 is an entertaining browser game in which you'll have to build your own vacation paradise and prove your skills in the hotel business.

Special: Get the welcome gift worth 30 USD!

All new players will receive a special welcome gift after completing the tutorial. Included in the package:

  • 50,000 gold coins
  • 1x Mister Pebbles statue
  • 1x Pebbles Flag
  • 1x Pioneer's Flag, which allows you to expand your territory once for free

Vacation on the dream island

Paradise Island - once a dream island, where tourists could forget about everyday stress thanks to the sun, beach and sea. But this island dream was destroyed by the evil shaman Mano, who with the help of dark forces drove the people away.

That's over now, because with your help the island should become a tourist magnet again! Use your strategic skills in this hotel tycoon game and build up a flourishing travel business on the tropical island. You'll be assisted by the friendly local Naomi, who will provide you with all the important information.

Start by rebuilding the most important tourist hotspots. To do this, you'll first have to clear the construction site from the jungle, on which you'll then be able to erect various buildings. Build accommodations for the visitors and entertain them with surf stores, ice cream parlors and many other attractions. A total of over 300 individually designed buildings await you!

No sooner are the first houses completed and the quay in operation again, than the first tourists arrive and spend money. With the earned coins you can build more buildings or upgrade existing ones. Offer your guests new entertainment possibilities and expand your hotel empire bit by bit. Maybe you'll also discover exciting secrets as you explore the island further?


  • Construct over 300 buildings in your hotel empire
  • Help animals in need and develop your resort in harmony with nature
  • Collect unique animals and natural phenomena
  • Participate in contests and cool events

During the game, Naomi will provide you with missions, for the completion of which you'll receive gems as well as coins. With these you can speed up the construction time of buildings or get other advantages.

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Build your own hotel business in the game of the popular app and explore the secrets of the tropical island! Play Paradise Island 2 free online now on KibaGames!

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