KibaGames age rating

Surely you have noticed the numbers on the games or the info text "Approved for …". These numbers stand for an official age rating according to the German Youth Protection Act (JuSchG §14a), which is carried out by a certified body.

Please note that the labeling refers exclusively to the game content and not to other things such as in-game advertising. Please also note that the age rating is not an educational or qualitative recommendation. It only shows you that the game content is safe for the respective age groups from a youth protection point of view.

0+: Approved for All Ages

These games are safe for children to play.

6+: Approved for Ages 6+

These games are generally a bit more challenging or exciting and may include, for example, very abstract or symbolic opponents, conflict scenes or game over scenes.

12+: Approved for Ages 12+

These games can be more realistic and may present a higher level of challenge to the player. However, they offer enough space during fights, for example, to distance oneself from the action. Fashion games, for example, may contain implied sexual content in the form of revealing outfits. Where user interaction does occur, it is either moderated or only possible to a limited or filtered extent (in-game chats, messages, leaderboards).

16+: Approved for Ages 16+

These games may contain violent actions, for example in the context of a story or multiplayer competition. However, they do not contain harmful messages or role models, and it is still possible to distance oneself from the action in the game. In fashion games, for example, sexual content may be included in the form of revealing outfits. Where user interaction does occur, it may be unmoderated and unfiltered (in-game chats, messages, leaderboards).

Games 18+, which would not be rated for minors, are generally not offered on KibaGames, as well as games that contain blood or explicit violence.

If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to contact our support team via email at