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Please note: For reasons beyond our control, the game is not available in the US and France any longer

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  4. - make the black hole grow! is a cool multiplayer game where you can make it to the biggest black hole on the board.

In this new hit io game, seven holes in the ground suddenly open up all over the city, greedily devouring everything in their path. Panic breaks out among the inhabitants and they run and drive around to escape your black hole. This is the opportunity you've been waiting for! Absorb as many people, trees, cars and buildings as you can throughout the city and get to the top of the leaderboard.

Of course, the more mass you absorb, the bigger you become. Can you grow your hole to be the biggest in the city and beat the other six players?

How to play

The controls are simple: just drag the black hole across the board with your mouse.

  • Swallow all kinds of objects and don't even stop at your opponents.
  • At best, grow to be the biggest hole on the field within the time limit of 2 minutes and secure a good ranking in the leaderboard.
  • Be careful not to get eaten yourself. In this case you can rejoin the game after 3 seconds, but you will lose valuable time in which you can go on a raid yourself.

Tips and tricks for a good placement

The size of your black hole and your placement in is determined by your score.

  • Swallowing larger objects will obviously earn you more points than eating small objects. However, the big objects like cars or buildings won't fit into your small scale at the beginning, so build up with small things like hydrants and streetlights and the pedestrians walking around. Then don't dwell on things that are too big.
  • However, once you've grown a bit, you can stand on an intersection, for example, and quickly swallow up all the approaching cars.

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And now it's eat or be eaten again? Devour as much as you can in 2 minutes and play free online on KibaGames now!

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