Police Real Chase Car Simulator

Approved for Ages 12+
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Ins Auto ein-/aussteigen: "F" // Fahren: WASD // Sirenen: "H"

Auto resetten: "R" // Menü: "ESC" // Steuerung: "I"


Police Real Chase Car Simulator - on the road with blue lights and siren!

Police Real Chase Car Simulator is a hot police game where you can keep order on the streets in a police car!

Turn on the sirens and enforce all the laws on the streets in Police Real Chase Car Simulator! As a highly motivated police officer, grab your police car and drive around the city to complete various tasks. These are marked with "missions". Make sure to approach the missions in such a way that you can read the word the right way around. The missions are divided between chases, time races or collecting items. An emergency call can reach you at any moment, so you'll have to race through the streets quickly and without crashing, to get to the scene of the accident in a timely manner. Also, chase limousines or helicopters that are on the run from the police.

How to play Police Real Chase Car Simulator

When you successfully complete the missions, you'll get money. You can use this money to buy better vehicles. If you don't feel like driving around and keeping law and order, you can also press "F" to get out of your vehicle and just walk around the streets. You can only accept missions in your car, though.


Driving: WASD
Camera: C
Reset vehicle: R
Menu / Pause: ESC
Enter and exit: F

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