Flying Fire Truck Driving Sim

Approved for Ages 6+
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Flying Fire Truck Driving Sim - Fly the fire truck!

Flying Fire Truck Driving Sim is a hip simulation game to the app in which you can control a flying fire truck!

Firefighters beware, the next rescue mission is coming! Get into your new fire truck, fly or drive through the streets and complete numerous tasks.


  • Press Y to accept a mission and N to reject it.
  • Control the fire truck with WASD.
  • Fly with Q.
  • Spray water from the hose with Z.
  • Turn on the blue light with L.

Drive or fly to the scene, get out and extinguish the fire with the water hose. If you manage to do everything in the given time, you have completed the mission. By successfully completing the missions, you earn money and can gradually buy new vehicles for your fleet and thus protect the city even better from danger.

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Let the sirens wail now and play Flying Fire Truck Driving Sim free online on KibaGames!

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Flying Fire Truck Driving Sim

Flying Fire Truck Driving Sim

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