Offroad Masters Challenge

Approved for Ages 6+
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Offroad Master Challenge - off-road racing for two players!

Offroad Master Challenge is a cool racing game in which you can show off your driving skills in rough terrain behind the wheel of a truck.

Do you feel at home not only in your car, but also in an off-road vehicle or truck? Then face numerous challenges with pleasure now!

Play alone in Career Mode or Free Mode, or with a friend in Car Crash Derby and Free Mode. When you play the levels alone, you always have to watch your fuel level and make sure your car doesn't flip on its side. If you play in pairs, you can race against each other over a hilly track or have fierce battles in the arena, after which the SUVs will be quite dented!  For this mode, you can modify the engine and tires to your liking.

Controls player 1:

WASD: Drive
Camera: C
Reset car: R
Light: F

Controls player 2:
Arrow keys: Drive
Camera: K
Auto reset: O
Light: L

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