Revolution Offroad

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Revolution Offroad - driving fun off the road!

Revolution Offroad is a cool racing game in which you can experience many adventures off-road.

Driving off the road is even more fun! Control your SUV or off-road vehicle with WASD. Use R to restart and C to change the camera perspective.

Drive over extremely hilly tracks to a fixed destination in career mode, passing several checkpoints along the way. If your truck flips over, you can press R to reset your vehicle and restart at the last checkpoint. You're not under any time pressure, so if you want to explore the track at your leisure first, you can do that, but maybe you want to prove to yourself how fast and skillful you can master the rough terrain? Also, keep an eye on your fuel gauge. Along the way you'll find gas cans that you can collect to fill up your tank. In Revolution Offroad, follow the signs on the track so that you don't stray from the path.

Apart from the career mode, you can also compete in time mode and try to finish before the time runs out. Or you can drive without pressure in free mode and explore the surroundings. For each successfully completed level you receive money. You can use it to buy more vehicles or upgrade your current one.

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Here you can get your car dirty! Now steer your car over hill and dale again and play Revolution Offroad free online on KibaGames!

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