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Marbles Garden - save your garden with the marble cannon!

Marbles Garden is an exciting Zuma game in which you can defend a beautiful garden against evil golems.

The golems are pushing the marble chain and want to wreak havoc on your garden! So better destroy the marbles quickly by combining three in the same color or run over the monsters themselves with the colorful balls. The ball chains must not roll into the hole in the ground, because then the level is over for the time being.

To shoot the marbles, use the lawnmower cannon and tap or click on the spot where you want to shoot your ammunition. By clicking on the cannon you can swap the marbles if another color is better for your strategy.

If you're fast or can shoot particularly long strings of balls, you'll get boosters, like the rainbow ball, which serves as a wild card and can be combined with all the colors on the board. You can manage other power ups in Marbles Garden in the Power Ups menu.

Stardust, on the other hand, is very valuable - shoot it with a ball to collect it. It's not easy to hit, though, so aim carefully! When you collect enough stardust, it will form an additional star.

Let's go! Fire your marbles in numerous levels now and play Marbles Garden free online on Kibagames!

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