City Truck Driver

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Spieler 1 | Fahren: WASD // Handbremse: Leertaste // Anhänger anbringen: "T"

Spieler 2 | Fahren: Pfeiltasten // Handbremse: "J"

Achtung: Im Free Drive Modus zuerst die "R" Taste drücken.

City Truck Driver - drive around the city in a truck!

City Truck Driver is a cool simulation game in which you'll be able to drive around the city in a truck and complete numerous tasks.

You can play this new truck game alone or against a friend on a keyboard. Steer the big truck in single player with WASD or the arrow keys - you can also use these two key combinations in 2-player mode. You can apply or release the handbrake with the spacebar or J. With C you can still attach a trailer to your tractor. 
Then choose the first of a total of 13 different truck models and drive in Free Ride mode, master missions or even face fast races. 

Attention: to start the Free Ride mode, please press R again. 

In Mission mode, your task is mostly to transport cargo through the city and follow the arrows to the next warehouse. Stay within the time limit to get paid properly as a City Truck Driver. With your earnings, which you can also earn in race mode, you are able to upgrade your truck or buy new models. 10 missions and 10 races offer a lot of challenges for every truck driver!

Let's go! Start a new career as a truck driver now and play City Truck Driver free online on Kibagames!

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City Truck Driver

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