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Bloon Pop - pop all the balloons!

Bloon Pop is a fun dart game in which you can shoot darts at balloons and make them pop.

Hit as many balloons as possible with a limited number of darts and collect combo points by hitting them several times in one turn. Aim with the mouse or by tapping and swiping and determine shot strength and direction by operating the cannon. Play by the sea, on the beach, at the campsite or even on the moon. The more balloons you hit, the more stars you can earn. But don't worry, even misses are not the end of the game. Just try again and aim and hit bloons in many different formations.

And if you like Bloon Pop, why not play the classic dart game Bloons?

40 levels of fun await you! Let the darts fly now and play Bloon Pop free online on Kibagames!

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Bloon Pop

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