Solitaire Farm: Seasons 2

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Solitaire Farm: Seasons 2 - New card fun on your farm!

Solitaire Farm: Seasons 2 is the second installment of the popular card game that lets you run your own farm through more than 3000 levels!

In Solitaire Farm: Seasons 2, even more levels than before await you on your farm! In over 3000 levels you can prove that you know your way around and clear the cards. Clear all the cards on the table by clicking on a card that is one value higher or lower than the card in front of the draw pile. If none of the cards are suitable, you can use the draw pile. If the draw pile is also used up, you can either buy new cards or start the level from the beginning.

In later levels you can unlock bonuses that can help you solve the increasingly difficult levels. Use delicious crops to clear all the cards and grow your farm!

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If you liked Solitaire Farm: Seasons 2, feel free to play the first part Solitaire Farm: Seasons.

Now enjoy the best of country life again and play Solitaire Farm: Seasons 2 free online on KibaGames!

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Solitaire Farm: Seasons 2

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