Doodle Jump

Approved for Ages 6+

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Doodle Jump - jump your way to the top!

Doodle Jump is a cool skill game in which you can jump from platform to platform with the funny little Doodle.

Your goal: set a new distance record and achieve a particularly high high score!

Along the way, however, you'll also have to deal with a number of small monsters and can achieve impressive Achievements. For example, become a Monster Bouncer by flattening 10 of your opponents, or play more defensively and become a Conflict Avoider. To do this, you'll have to avoid 10 troublemakers in one game.

No matter which strategy you choose, let yourself be inspired by the simple and at the same time extremely addictive gameplay of Doodle Jump Original and experience a lot of fun while jumping and bouncing!

How to play Doodle Jump

First choose a player name or simply become a new doodler. Your little doodle will then want to get up high and see the world from above.

The controls are simple and suitable for any game monkey.

  • You jump by yourself.
  • Control with the arrow keys to the right and left.
  • Use the up arrow key to shoot small balls from the doodle's trunk.
  • When you jump out of the playfield, you will be brought back into the game on the opposite side of the playfield.

Your goal is, of course, to jump from platform to platform and not fall down. Otherwise, the game is over for now and you can start all over again. So look ahead and focus completely on the path ahead of you.

Tips and tricks for big jumps

In order for you to record especially good values in your statistics and become a Doodle Jump pro, all your skill is needed.

  • Use the green platforms - they are especially stable.
  • Brown platforms are old and break easily when you jump on them. There is a risk that you will fall off.
  • Blue platforms move. Here you need the right timing.
  • Use the springs, they let you jump higher.
  • Rockets let you cover extra long distances.

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