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Dinosaur Game

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Dinosaur Game - Collect points with the T-Rex!

The Dinosaur Game is an entertaining platform game in which you can run with a T-Rex through an endless pixel landscape and jump over obstacles.

The game principle is simple and immediately understandable: Run with the Tyrannosaurus Rex through a side-scrolling desert landscape, jump over all the obstacles and collect as many points as possible for a high score!

The cacti that get in the way of the giant lizard vary in size and appear individually or in small groups. Other pterosaurs will also get in your way during the course of the game. The further your dinosaur runs, the faster the game becomes. So react just as quickly and simply start the next game round immediately if you touch one of the spiky plants or a pterodactyl and go "Game Over".

After 700 points, the day mode switches to night mode. This is repeated throughout the entire dino game.


  • First click on the playing field and then use the space bar to start the game.
  • On the desktop PC, click the space bar to make the dino jump.
  • Click the down arrow to make the dino duck away from the flying dinosaurs. This only works on a PC, but not on mobile devices.
  • On a smartphone or tablet, all you need to do is tap the T-Rex itself to make it jump.

Interesting to know: The dinosaur game was originally developed by the Google UX team in 2014. It is designed to entertain users who are using the Google Chrome browser offline while they wait for an internet connection. The themes of prehistoric times and dinosaurs were chosen because you quickly feel like you're in prehistoric times when you lose your internet connection.

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Dinosaur Game

  • Online since: 22.|01.|2024
  • Publisher: Google LLC (1)
Dinosaur Game
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