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Bowling Stars

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Bowling Stars - Throw a strike!

Bowling Stars is a cool sports game with a 3D look in which you have to prove yourself in exciting bowling duels.

"Bowling" is a variant of the precision sport of skittles, which was invented in the USA in the 19th century. In contrast to bowling, the ball in bowling is slightly larger and has three holes for the fingers to make it easier to grip. The aim of the game is to knock down as many bowling pins as possible with a skilful throw.

How to play

Become a bowling star and compete in a duel against various computer opponents in this game of skill! Use the mouse or touch screen to move the bowling ball from right to left on the foul line. Use the two green arrows to determine the direction and spin with which you throw. Once you have placed the ball in the desired position, you must pull it backwards to gain momentum for the throw. Pay attention to the moving arrow and swipe forwards at the right moment to throw the ball in the desired direction on the lane. Also pay attention to the time, which is limited for each throw attempt.

A game lasts three rounds with two throws each. Each pin you knock over gives you one point towards your score. If you manage to clear all ten pins with one throw, you have achieved a strike and receive an additional throw.

Improve your bowling ball

You receive victory points and game money for successfully completing games. The victory points unlock new bowling balls with better properties. You can use the play money to improve the individual properties of a ball and increase its speed or weight, for example.

Take part in special events, prove your aiming skills and steady hand and score more points than your opponents!

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Put on your bowling shoes and clear as many pins as possible! Play Bowling Stars online for free now on KibaGames!

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Bowling Stars

  • Online since: 27.|06.|2024
  • Publisher: Inlogic (125)
Bowling Stars
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