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Bounce and Collect - Collect lots of balls!

Bounce and Collect is a challenging reaction game in which you can bounce balls out of a cup and multiply them by collecting different bonuses to reach a target number.

Use a cup and only a few balls at first. Hold down the left mouse button or the screen and tip the balls out over the playing field. By skillful aiming you can increase the number of balls over different bonuses on obstacles to reach the target number. So your goal is always to have a certain minimum number of balls at the end of a level. The number of balls varies from level to level and cannot be determined before the end of the level. Collecting a lot of balls is always an advantage!

Concentrate and be patient to find the best way for your balls. There are multipliers highlighted in green that increase your balls. Also, there are bonus areas with question marks that you can pass. Only after your balls have fallen through these will you see what is behind the question marks. However, there are also red obstacles that decimate the number of your balls when touched. Green tunnels serve as shortcuts. So think before you dump your cup and be strategic. Some of the obstacles move, so wait for the right moment too!

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With a little planning and patience, you can master this new online game to the app from Voodoo! Play Bounce and Collect free online now on KibaGames!

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