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Bottle Flip - make the bottle jump over furniture!

Bottle Flip is a fun skill game in which you can make a bottle jump over different pieces of furniture.

Play either in infinity mode or in level mode and train your dexterity and coordination skills. In infinity mode you can try to make as many jumps as possible over the furniture. Jump over tables, sofas, chairs and even speakers!

Controls: Click or tap and hold to set the jumping power. Release to jump.

In level mode, your goal is to create a certain number of jumps per level to advance. However, you have to unlock the level mode by getting diamonds first.

And how do you get these precious jewels? While you are jumping, you can collect diamonds from time to time. With these gems, you'll also be able to buy new skins for your bottle in the store or even unlock new graphics settings. Play Bottle Flip in pixel mode, for example, in which everything looks pixelated, or use a grayscale mode.

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And now for the bottle! Make it spin successfully in the air and play Bottle Flip free online on KibaGames!

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