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Ultra Pixel Survive 2

Approved for Ages 12+
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Ultra Pixel Survive 2 - Lead your heroes to fame and glory!

Ultra Pixel Survive 2 is an extensive 2D action game with a pixel look, in which you control a team of three heroes and heroines through exciting adventures and have to survive all kinds of dangers.

Immerse yourself in a magical fantasy world and try to keep your group of heroes alive for as long as possible. Fight against powerful enemies and experience an exciting mix of survival and action role-playing game.

Assemble your team

You may already be familiar with the game principle from the app for the game "Ultra Pixel Survive 2: RPG". In the online version, you also have to choose three heroes before starting your adventure. Initially, there are only three characters to choose from, but you can unlock more adventurers as you progress through the game. For example, there is Lance, a sword master who masters wind magic, or Violet, a talented mage who specializes in fire magic. Each hero has different characteristics and has two special abilities that you can use.

Fight for survival

Once you have put together your group of adventurers, it's off into the magical 2D game world. There you move your characters with the "A" and "D" keys or with the buttons on the touch screen. Attack with the mouse, select abilities and interact with objects by pressing the buttons on the screen. With the "Change" button, you can switch between the members of your team at any time, depending on which skills are currently required.

Explore the huge game world with your team, fight monsters and collect resources to make tools and other objects. In the construction menu, you can build defenses to help you fight slime monsters and other dangers. Start invasion events at crystal portals: hordes of enemies attack and you have to repel them to receive rewards. Use your strategic and tactical skills to fend off the attacks and survive as long as possible.

When you're not busy fending off waves of enemies, you can also explore dark caves and dungeons where powerful bosses are waiting for you to defeat them.

Team up for success

Take care of your heroes' needs just like in a role-playing game: For example, collect ingredients and use them to cook food or mine various raw materials to improve your fighters' equipment.

You can also collect gold and gems to improve your adventurers' skills or unlock new characters with unique talents. Put together your own personal group of heroes and adapt them to your play style.

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Explore a cool fantasy world with a pixel look and use the different abilities of your heroes to survive as long as possible! Play Ultra Pixel Survive 2 online for free now on KibaGames!

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Ultra Pixel Survive 2

Ultra Pixel Survive 2
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