Spider Solitaire Blue

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Spider Solitaire Blue - make complete sequences in the best time!

Spider Solitaire Blue is a classic card game with high-quality graphics, in which you'll be able to sort cards according to the popular game principle.

Play with one deck in the three traditional game modes: One Suit, Two Suit and Four Suit, using one, two or four suits from the French deck. Using one suit is easiest, as there are fewer internal blockages.

Start with 54 cards on ten shifting piles that you can sort and turn over.

How to play Spider Solitaire Blue

Your objective in Spider Solitaire Blue is to form complete sequences on the tableau, the playing field, and thus score points. This is done by creating a pile of cards from king to ace. The king is the first card on the bottom, so you have to clear a space for him on the game table. You can also fill this space with any other card or suit. While you are sorting the cards, you can always create a descending sequence of cards and move connected sequences of cards together. If you cannot make any more moves, you must request cards from the draw pile. Caution: These cards will then be spread over all the move piles in the tableau.

Tip: If you want to undo a move, you can do so by clicking the arrow button in the lower left corner. However, you will receive a point deduction for this. You can also get tips here.

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