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Soccer Merge

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Soccer Merge - Create your own soccer team!

Soccer Merge is a cool mix of merge game and soccer game in which you can merge different sports items, improve your soccer team and compete in exciting finger soccer games.

How to become a merge game pro

  • Use the mouse or touchpad to merge two identical motifs into a new item. Match everything from knee pads and sports socks to stylish soccer boots and complete the tasks you find under "Tasks".
  • You will receive team cards and coins for each completed task.
  • Merge grayed-out items on the pitch to create new space for items. You can also sell items or temporarily store them in your inventory if you need more space.
  • From time to time you will receive stars that give you experience points. Merge them too to gain more experience.
  • Gradually level up and unlock new cards for your soccer team.

Become a soccer manager or soccer coach

Use the "Team" button to put together your own soccer team and improve it to win matches in the league. To do this, you select five player cards with different characteristics. You can also choose a nationality, which gives you additional bonuses. The game is played like a classic finger soccer game in which you use the mouse or touch to determine the momentum and direction in which you want to move your player pieces. You are free to choose which token you shoot at the ball. If they collide with the soccer ball, it will be kicked in the corresponding direction. After a player has been moved, it's your opponent's turn. Kick the ball skillfully across the pitch and score goals before your opponent scores!

Become a soccer star in this cool mix of deck builder and merge game, improve your team and advance to higher and higher leagues with enough wins!

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Prove your skills on the merge field as well as on the soccer pitch and kick the ball into the goal! Play Soccer Merge online for free now on KibaGames!

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Soccer Merge

Soccer Merge
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