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Sheep Sheep! - Match 3 on the farm!

Sheep Sheep! is a tricky farm-themed brain game where you can mine lots of cute tiles and complete great Match 3 challenges.

The new game hit from China is particularly challenging - only 0.01% of all players manage to match all the tiles! Are you one of them?

In Sheep Sheep!, always click three of the same motifs in different levels and match them with each other in the tray bar at the bottom. The motifs on the tiles all fit the theme of agriculture and farms. So quickly unlock new corn cobs, buckets or rakes to take down the tower.

In Sheep Sheep! you have to be tactical. At the beginning you can quickly match the stones and dismantle them. But later on in the level you have to think about when you want to take down which tiles and if you don't want to bring some tiles forward so that you can add the last missing tile later. So check beforehand which piece might be the missing one for you.

You have a total of three jokers at your disposal: Once you can swap the existing tiles, another time you can undo the last move. With the last joker, three of your pieces are put aside, so that you have space in your rack again.

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Now dismantle the whole tower on the green meadow and play Sheep Sheep! free online on KibaGames!

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