Pinball Brick Mania

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Pinball Brick Mania - Pinball your way to the high score!

Pinball Brick Mania is a fun pinball game where you can reach a new high score in shooting geometric shapes!

Shoot the geometric shapes in front of you with one ball, and later several balls, until they disappear by hitting them enough. The numerical values on the circles and rectangles indicate how many times you need to hit them to take them out of the game. Use your mouse or finger, hold down the left mouse button, aim and then release. As in any good pinball game, you can make not only gravity work for you, but also the bouncing cushions on either side of the pinball machine. When the balls touch the bottom of the board, they return to the starting point.

Try to keep going as long as possible so that the geometric shapes with numerical values don't reach you. You can regularly collect extra balls when you touch them with your ball and increase your shooting power!

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Pinball Brick Mania

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