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My Mini City - Build a new city!

My Mini City is a great idle game in which you can build different structures with your workers.

Become a city developer or architect and build different buildings with your workers. Earn gold coins for dropped building blocks, which you can use to buy various upgrades for your construction site. Hire more construction workers, increase the speed at which the workers move or the profit you get from building. You can tell when you can level up by the hint under the construction worker icon in the upper left corner. Another tip: If you click and hold on the playing field, your pieces will move faster.

Use power-ups like the super builder or the golden building blocks to build even faster and soon expand a small village into a large metropolis. Add more street furniture and infrastructure like benches or lamps, which you can find under "Decor" and orient yourself in your city by using the map.

Especially suitable for Lego and Minecraft fans!

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