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Jewel Christmas Story - Take a break from the Christmas rush!

Jewel Christmas Story is a Christmas match 3 game in which you'll be able to match festive motifs in 500 levels.

As always, you should match at least three of the same motifs, such as Christmas tree balls or candy canes, in this match 3 puzzle. More are better, though, as they can bring wild cards like the rocket or the sprinkle bomb into play. From level to level, unlock more functionalities like the store and face entertaining challenges. Every day there is the possibility to spin the wheel of fortune to get a free booster. Also master the missions like collecting a certain amount of Christmas motifs.

The power ups that can be obtained are as follows:

  • Dynamite: You can instantly clear an obstacle out of the way.
  • Hammer: You can smash one of the stones.
  • Rocket: Here you can select a row through which the rocket will shoot and clear the row.
  • Scissors: It works like the dynamite.
  • Gloves: You can swap two tiles with each other, but they must be adjacent. However, this does not create a match.
  • The spectrum or the scatter bomb: Dismantle all the bricks of a motif. Either you swap it with a motif of your choice and it will clear all the tiles on the field from that motif. Or you simply click on it and a motif is randomly selected from which all the stones on the field are cleared.

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