Cook And Match: Sara's Adventure

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Cook and Match: Sara's Adventure - Match 3 with a cute story!

Cook and Match: Sara's Adventure is an entertaining match 3 game with a background story in which cook Sara wants to help her friend sell her house with her cooking skills.

Sara's friend Veronica needs her help because she wants to sell her house. With Sara's support as a cook, she wants to make her property more attractive and convince buyers. Sara is anything but enthusiastic at the beginning, but as friends you don't let each other down. Play through numerous Match 3 levels here to earn points you need to advance in the story. Always connect at least three of the same elements to clear them from the playing field. But first you have to clean up the rooms. After that, the friends discuss which course menu should be served and how to make the whole thing palatable to the potential buyers.

Tips and tricks - use helpful cooking combos

Various boosters and jokers related to cooking will also help you in Cook and Match: Sara's Adventure.

  • The blender destroys the ingredients around it in a cross shape.
  • The colorful kettle collects ingredients of one color that are currently available in the playing area.
  • The sharp knife cuts columns and lines.
  • Tea kettle like a bomb destroys a large square field around it.

Use brains and boosters to reach different goals and remove obstacles or collect certain ingredients. You will always find the goals above the playing field. Here you can also see how many moves you have left. Under "To-do" you can continue the story.

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Can you convince potential buyers to buy this beautiful house? Find out now and play Cook and Match: Sara's Adventure free online on KibaGames!

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