Idle Miner Space Rush

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Idle Miner Space Rush - collect the most moonstones!

Idle Miner Space Rush is an exciting multiplayer game from Ubisoft Nano in which you race against time to mine more moonstones than the other seven players in the round.

Use the arrow keys to control and dig through the moon's surface to mine the shiny moonstones. When your bag is full, you'll have to return to one of your base stations, which you can also unlock during your digs. There you'll receive cash to buy more upgrades. Upgrade the "digging", "mining" features and your bag to give you an advantage over your competitors in mining.

At the end of each round you will receive reward coins and XP. With the coins you can buy better and other skins in the store, such as spacesuits and heads. As you level up, you can even unlock new skins!

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