Chess For Free

Approved for Ages 12+

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Chess For Free - Compete in exciting multiplayer duels!

Chess For Free is a free online version of the popular board game classic Chess, in which you can compete against the computer or players from around the world.

Prove your tactical skills in one of the oldest board games in the world! The game was played in early versions as far back as ancient times. Today it is one of the most popular board games in the world and is even recognized as a sport by the International Olympic Committee.

Chess rules – how to play

There are a total of 32 pieces in chess, half of which are white and half black. The players take turns, with white always starting the game. The aim of the game is to checkmate your opponent, i.e. to move your king so that it can neither defend itself nor escape. To achieve this, you move your 16 chess pieces across the 8 x 8 chessboard. Different rules apply to the individual pieces:

  • Pawns can only move straight ahead and form the first line of attack. If a pawn reaches the opponent's edge of the playing field, it can be exchanged for a better piece.
  • Rooks move horizontally and vertically.
  • Bishops, on the other hand, can only move diagonally over squares of the same color.
  • Knights can jump over other pieces and always land on a square of a different color.
  • The queen is particularly strong and can move freely both diagonally and vertically and horizontally.
  • The king is the central piece of the game. It can only move one square at a time, regardless of the direction.

Use the different strengths of your pieces to beat your opponent's pieces. To do this, one of your pieces must end its move on the square of an opponent's piece. If a piece poses a threat to the king, the king is in check and must be moved to safety. If there is no way to save the king, the game is lost.

Compete in different game modes

  • Move the pieces in Chess For Free with the mouse or touch screen and challenge other players in multiplayer mode. Play strategically and try to achieve a place on the leaderboard.
  • If you prefer to train alone, you can play against the computer and compete against AI opponents in various difficulty levels.
  • In two-player mode, you can compete with your friends in exciting chess games on one device and find out which of you has what it takes to become a grandmaster.

Improve your skills and learn tricks such as “castling” or “shepherd's mate” to defeat your opponents!

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Take on exciting duels in the “game of kings” and outsmart your opponents to checkmate them! Play Chess For Free online for free now on KibaGames!

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