Hard Crash Car Stunts

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Fahren: WASD / Handbremse: Leertaste / Pause: ESC


Hard Crash Car Stunts - ramps, tubes and cool stunts!

Hard Crash Car Stunts is an action-packed racing game in which you can perform lots of stunts on numerous mega ramps!

Get into your favorite car and you're ready to go! Use the arrow keys to control the stunt tracks and the spacebar to use the handbrake. Press Esc to pause and C to change the camera setting.

Drive in two modes to experience lots of action and earn money that you can use to customize your car to your liking. In free mode you can face different obstacles like propellers, ramps or bumpers. Find portals that will put you in a downward tube and pick up enough speed to jump over the chasms! Caution: Avoid the gaps in the tubes and go up the track in front of you quickly, otherwise you'll crash and the fun will be over for now.

In endless mode, you'll be right in the descent through the tubes and try to get as far as possible here. Every checkpoint you pass in Hard Crash Car Stunts earns you money, so try your best. Once you've collected enough money, you can customize your vehicle in the main menu under "Garage" and customize the wheels, hubcaps, spoilers or the paint job.

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And now get on the road and get in the tube! Play Hard Crash Car Stunts free online on KibaGames!

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Hard Crash Car Stunts

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