Escape From 2020

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Escape From 2020 - crack codes under the Christmas tree!

Escape From 2020 is a classic escape game in which you can escape from a Christmas decorated house.

Find the way out of the good room and combine all the clues to open the door of the Christmas room. Of course, a key would be quite good for this, but other things will also help you. Click on candy canes and presents and find the right tools. And what's that? The clock in the Christmas room doesn't work anymore because it is missing a hand. Can you complete it and reset it? Sometimes there are useful secret compartments in clocks. Open all the cabinets, crack number and symbol codes and find the solution to the mystery. Even fairy lights can contain clues!

Relax now with new puzzle fun for the holidays and play Christmas Escape free online on Kibagames!

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Escape From 2020

Escape From 2020

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