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Puzzle XOR

Approved for Ages 6+
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Puzzle XOR - Puzzle your way through the mazes!

Puzzle XOR is the captivating new edition of the retro classic and puzzle game XOR, in which you have to escape from tricky mazes and collect all the masks in the process.

XOR is originally a puzzle game from 1987 that was released for classic computers such as the Atari ST and Commodore 64. Play the new edition now and let yourself be whisked away into an exciting game world full of retro charm!

How to play Puzzle XOR

  • You use WASD to control one of two shields through the levels, which can move horizontally and vertically. You can also switch between the shields at any time.
  • Your aim is to use them to escape from the labyrinths and collect all the masks.
  • In addition to the walls in the level, there are two types of force fields: The blue one can only be crossed from above or below and the green one only from the left or right. As soon as a shield passes through a force field, it is destroyed.
  • In higher levels, you will also encounter fish and chickens. If possible, fish always move downwards and chickens always move to the left. You can move both, but be careful: If they trap you between a wall and their path, the level is over!
  • Later on, you will find two types of bombs which, like the animals, only move to the left or only downwards. They can also be moved.

Tips and tricks for retro game pros

  • Four map pieces are hidden in each level. Try to find them first if possible, then you will have an overview and can plan your approach better.
  • You always need both shields to master a level. In some levels, you also have to sacrifice one shield to get the other to the exit.
  • As both the animals and the bombs only move in one direction, you can block their path by cleverly moving them. For example, use the chickens to prevent the fish from moving on and blocking your path.

Embark on a nostalgic adventure and puzzle your way through 15 challenging levels using your wits and the right strategy.

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Puzzle your way through branching labyrinths and play Puzzle XOR online for free now on KibaGames!

Details about

Puzzle XOR

  • Online since: 11.|11.|2023
  • Publisher: Inlogic (125)
Puzzle XOR
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