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Domino Battle - put down all the tiles in epic matches!    

Domino Battle is a popular board game where you have to be the first to place all the tiles and can play your way through many rounds of dominoes.    

Play Domino Battle against the computer and try to discard all your 7 tiles that you get at the beginning. The player with the highest double piece starts the game. The first player to reach 100 points wins Domino Battle and receives prize money. If you can win 100:0, you will even get 1000 coins.     

Play the Domino game in 2 modes: Block and Draw.   

In block mode, the opposing player gets to play if you can't place any more stones. If they are also unable to continue playing, the points on the tiles are added together and the player with the smaller number wins the match.  In Draw mode, a player without a move must take tiles from the draw pile until they can make a move.   

No matter which game mode you choose, fun and entertainment are guaranteed - play Domino Battle free online on KibaGames!

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Domino Battle

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