Brick Out 240

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Brick Out 240 - hit all the colorful blocks!

Brick Out 240 is a classic breakout game where you destroy the colorful bricks in 240 levels.

First aim the ball at the colorful blocks and shoot it on the playing field. Your goal is to hit and destroy all the blocks in each level. If you're especially fast, you'll get extra points! Some bricks are harder than others and need to be hit more often to break them.

Use the paddle at the bottom of the board with the mouse or by swiping and control it back and forth to bounce the ball off it. Don't let the ball get away from you, because then you'll have to start the level all over again.  

However, don't miss the six power ups that, for example, enlarge your bat or create a fireball. Beware of the red falling items, they reduce the size of your racket!

Now shoot all the blocks again and play Brick Out 240 free online on Kibagames!

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Brick Out 240

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