Blondie's Witch Hour Adventure

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Blondie's Witch Hour Adventure - magical looks in all their breadth!

Blondie's Witch Hour Adventure is a fun dress up game where you can put together different magical looks for the witching hour.

In the first level, choose one of the cards behind which different styles for the witch outfits are hidden. Moon Witch, Dark Witch or Green Witch are some of the possibilities. And an ensemble from 17th century American Salem is also included. Take your cue from the sought-after aesthetic and put together the outfits that best match it. Also, choose a coherent hairstyle or headgear. A pointed black witch's hat can be found in the selection as well as a white 17th century hood or a tiara made of coral.

Continue with the many different items of clothing and accessories. Choose a background to match the theme and then take a photo for the social media channels where your witch will present her outfits. Depending on how well you've implemented the theme in the witch outfits, you'll get likes and prizes here, which you can use to unlock new clothes.

Get to know the many different ways to dress up a witch now and play Blondie's Witch Hour Adventure free online on KibaGames!

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Blondie's Witch Hour Adventure

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