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Avatar Master: Fix Up Face

Approved for Ages 12+
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Avatar Master: Fix Up Face - Fix distorted pictures!

Avatar Master: Fix Up Face is a fun puzzle game in which you have to drag distorted anime images showing faces into the correct position!

Put the displaced images back in order by dragging the pink anchor points with the mouse or by touch. As soon as they are placed in the correct position, the avatar image will appear balanced in its proportions. Collect as many pictures as possible of well-known anime characters, Vikings, female figures or brave knights.

Gain points for your score and take on new puzzle challenges. Can you straighten out the 160 pictures in Avatar Master: Fix Up Face in the shortest possible time?

The following tips will help you:

  • Make sure that all four corners of the blue picture frame are filled.
  • Sometimes the picture is mirror-inverted from the start and you have to turn it around.
  • The character's eyes will give you a good indication of where the center of the picture is.

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Now puzzle all the pieces of the picture into the right position and play Avatar Master: Fix Up Face online for free on KibaGames!

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Avatar Master: Fix Up Face

Avatar Master: Fix Up Face
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