Smash DIY Slime: Fidget Slimy

Approved for Ages 6+

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Smash DIY Slime: Fidget Slimy - Mix your own slime!

Smash DIY Slime: Fidget Slimy is a comprehensive children's game in which you can make your own virtual slime!

First, produce your own slime textures in the slime simulator using the “Do It Yourself” principle and embellish them with custom grains and colors. Use seasonal aspects like Halloween, Christmas or other popular themes like space, nature or fabrics. Earn gold coins and gems that you can use to buy more textures and additional items for custom slime creations in the store. If you knead the goo well and move it, you will also sometimes find coins.

But that's not all, because the game has a lot more relaxing fun in store for you: pop Pop It toys in a mini-game mode and earn gold coins and gems to unlock more cool fidget toys here, too. 
In two other modes, you can make your own slime in a jar or squish frozen slime. Or how about creating slime shapes based on a given pattern? 
Also included: In a drawing game similar to the popular "Happy Glass" app, it's your job to draw lines in the right place and make slime flow from a tube into a jar.

Discover 14 more entertaining mini-games

If the slime simulator isn't enough for you, Smash DIY Slime: Fidget Slimy offers you many more mini-games based on app hits and popular game mechanics:

  • Helix Jump
  • Pull the Pin
  • Roller Splat
  • Pinball
  • Knife Hit
  • Painting games
  • Match 3

Diligence and luck are rewarded: Achieve successes and also use the slot machine or the wheel of fortune! Don't miss the new online game based on the popular app Super Slime Simulator: DIY Art and give your brain an ASMR wellness massage!

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And now get to the colorful goo! Play Smash DIY Slime: Fidget Slimy free online on KibaGames!

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Smash DIY Slime: Fidget Slimy

Smash DIY Slime: Fidget Slimy

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