For Parents

Information for parents and children
Dear parents,

at this point we just want to give you a better understanding of our portal is a highly frequented international onlinegaming-website. It is our ambition to offer ideal familiy entertainment with more than 3,000 games on our website. Not only your children, but you yourself will succumb to the charms of our games from time to time. If you have never heard about flash- or casual games yet, we will shed a little bit of light on this matter here and now.

What is a flash game?

It's our passion! But besides that, flash games are programmed with the help of the web-based graphics technology Flash. The required Flash Player is mostly preinstalled on modern computers or otherwise can be installed within just a few minutes. Flash enables you to play all the games immediately in your browser without the need of downloads or installation. (You can find the latest Flash Player HERE). So Ñflash gameì in the first place describes the technology, on which the game is based. (With some browsers you may experience problems while trying to display flash games. We recommend using Mozilla Firefox).

What is a casual game?

Our daily bread! Casual games can be played just occasionally without having to learn difficult controls. Many of our games do not require more than moving the mouse or clicking on something. This is exactly what makes our flash games so compelling for almost everybody, young or old, male or female. Besides, we offer games for every taste, from racing and quiz games to sports and make-up games. So choosing between more than 3,000 games can be a rather difficult task.

Is safe?

Absolutely! Our KibaGames-Team takies every effort to offer a portal, where children can play absolutely free of worries. When we look for games, it is our top priority to test them extensively in order to avoid any inappropriate content for kids. (If you still find any content not suitable for kids on, please don't hesitate to contact us under info [at] Nevertheless we ask you to watch for your kids while they are surfing through the internet. Although is safe to play, there is lots of inadequate content just a click away. So the safest way for children to use the internet is with the help and guidance of their parents.

Furthermore, viruses don't stand a chance on Our portal is effectively protected against every possible virtual threat. So it is completely safe to use.

What does it cost?

Except for your time? Absolutely nothing. All our games can be played without any additional costs. is solely ad sponsored. So we will neither charge a fee for the use of our website. Everything is completely free. In some cases, our games feature a downloadable premium version, where costs are involved. This is the case with ÑKindergartenì or ÑJane's Hotel: Family Heroì, for example. This means, you can download and install a more comprehensive version on your PC, but you don't have to. The flash-game on our website is always free.

If you have any further inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us via e-mail to info [at] or give us a call at +49 - 221 788 06 31.