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Zoocraft - Tame all the animals!

Zoocraft is a fun animal game in which you can catch different animals and keep expanding your zoo.

Your task in this game with Minecraft look is to catch different animals for your zoo. To do this, you'll start in the village area and get your first task, which is to tame pigs, cows and dogs. Use the mouse or the touch screen to move your character. Walk to an animal and stand next to it to tame it. An emoji above the animal shows its attitude towards you. The better it is, the faster the animal is captured. But if it has a red emoji, it will bite you and you will lose one of your three hearts.

Once the animal is tamed, you lead it behind you on a leash. In the beginning you can lead up to two animals at the same time. Now take the animals to the enclosure. When you have collected all the animals of the mission, you will receive money and one of each species will find a home in your zoo.

With the money you can buy the following upgrades for your character in the store:

  • Power: The animals will be tamed faster.
  • Health: With this, your character will take less damage.
  • Training: Decreases the probability that an animal will behave aggressively.
  • Tamer: Increases the probability of taming an animal.
  • Rope: You can lead more animals on ropes at the same time.

You'll also be able to unlock new biotopes where you'll discover new animals. With a click on the world map you'll see which areas are already available to you. Grab your lasso and plunge into this fun zoo game!

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Grab all the animals, build your zoo and play Zoocraft free online on KibaGames!

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