Yarn Untangled

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Yarn Untangled - arrange all the threads!

Yarn Untangled is a cute brain game in which you can arrange all the wool threads with the help of a little cat.

Pull apart the different yarn threads of the ball of wool so that they no longer overlap and change from red to orange. In 100 tricky levels, more and more balls of wool will be added. Keep track of them and sometimes use drag and drop to move the ball of yarn as a whole to make more room for untangling the popular cat toy.

Play with the mouse or by tapping. Win not only levels, but also trophies by untangling balls of wool especially fast. If you make too much of a mess with the wool threads, you can use the back button and start the level all over again.

Can you make the little kitten happy and tidy all the threads? Play Unraveling Wool Tangles free online on KibaGames now!

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Yarn Untangled

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