Witchcore Insta Divas

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Witchcore Insta Divas - style four enchanting witches!    

Witchcore Insta Divas is a magical dress-up game in which you'll be able to dress four friends as beautiful witches.    

Style four magical outfits in the popular Witchcore aesthetic for the girlfriends to make them look good at a Halloween party or at the next Witches' Sabbath. Numerous dresses influenced by both medieval and Victorian designs are available to choose from. Dark fabrics with embroidered moons, suns and stars stand out especially, but black lace is also particularly popular for the witchcore look. 

Tops and skirts can also be combined and worn together with black tights even in autumn. Capes and capes or even modern leather jackets keep the witches warm. Decorate the four girls with matching necklaces, bags, sunglasses and hats and apply an extravagant make-up to match the look. And of course, the hairstyle may be particularly prominent or restrained, so as not to steal the show from the dress.     

Combine the most magical outfits now and play Witchcore Insta Divas free online on SpielAffe!  

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Witchcore Insta Divas

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