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Viking Woman - style a nordic lady!

Viking Woman is an extensive dress-up game in which you'll be able to dress a medieval Scandinavian woman for different roles.

Inspired by the history and mythology of the Vikings, in this new dress up game you'll be able to dress a young woman, do her hair and equip her with various typical items. Is she rather a young peasant or an adventurer, a Viking princess or a goddess from Asgard? You can use various women as models for this: Frigg, Odin's wife and goddess of marriage, Idunn, who guards the apples of eternal youth in her apple basket, or Freya, the goddess of love and fertility, who is accompanied by a lynx. Perhaps also design a Valkyrie who wears a helmet, weapons and shield and, according to legend, accompanies fallen warriors to Valhalla.

Many options can be implemented with a large and detailed selection of robes and equipment. In the lands of the North it is often very cold, so use many layers of clothing, wrap the legs with strips of cloth and use furs to keep the Viking woman warm. A drinking horn can be draped around the northern woman as well as a bag, comb, or pouch of coins. Belts, jewelry and braids are richly decorated. And airy dresses and flower wreaths for the short summer can also be found in the selection. Last but not least, choose a suitable background and feel free to save your picture to your PC.

Now use the many wonderful possibilities of character creation again and play Viking Woman free online on KibaGames!

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