V-Kei Fashion

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V Kei Fashion - style four subculture looks!

V Kei Fashion is an appealing dress-up game in which you'll be able to put together four outfits in the style of the Japanese subculture.

The four girlfriends feel like styling themselves in the style of the Japanese subculture Visual Kei for once. These looks are usually worn by musicians and their fans from the J-Rock and J-Pop genres and use many elements from gothic and punk, but also baroque elements, fantasy costumes and allusions to Japanese Kabuki theater.

Apply dark makeup first and feel free to use some piercings. Then style the girl clique in four expressive looks and combine the most beautiful tops with pants or skirts in black, red or purple. Black and white tights, black leather jackets or frilly dresses can also be well integrated into the V Kei fashion looks.

The hair is often dyed, paced or worn into the face for this style. Just try out different variations.

Well styled it goes now to the rock concert! Combine the most beautiful costumes now and play V Kei Fashion free online on Kibagames!

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V-Kei Fashion

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