Uphill Rush 8

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Uphill Rush 8 - win again on the water slide!

Uphill Rush 8 is a cool racing game where you can race through a water park in a big floaty tire on numerous slides!

Slide through each water parkour in the floaty tire and upgrade speed, controls, boosters and balance with your won prize money. You can also change your character at any time and train even better.

Control Uphill Rush 8 with the arrow keys, accelerate with the up arrow and ignite the turbo with the space bar. Numerous levels full of loops and pools filled with other bathers, inflatable water balls and even whole bundles of money and coins await you. Then slide as fast as you can to the finish line, kick the obstacles aside and collect the money!

20 levels of fun in the fun pool with 32 water vehicles and 67 costumes await you!

Become a super racer again and play Uphill Rush 8 free online on SpielAffe!

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Uphill Rush 8

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