TikTok Divas: Pleated Skirt Looks

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TikTok Divas: Pleated Skirt Looks - create four new looks!

TikTok Divas: Pleated Skirt Looks is a trendy dress-up game in which you'll be able to create four outfits with this fashion classic for the TikTok clique.

Actually, pleated skirts are a classic in women's fashion and can be worn by young and old. Pleated skirts have also taken a permanent place in many English school uniforms. However, in order not to look old-fashioned, pleated skirts must be skillfully combined with matching modern clothes during leisure time.

First, apply colorful makeup to the four TikToker girls and choose a piercing as needed.  Then pick the most beautiful tops and sweaters, combine the pleated skirts with denim jackets and leather jackets or a jacket in shimmering rainbow colors. This look is guaranteed not to look boring! Tights or knee-high socks cover the legs and look good. You can top off the outfit with matching accessories, a nice backpack, sunglasses or a hat. And a new hairstyle is also possible, of course.

Now stage the fashion classic in a whole new way and play TikTok Divas: Pleated Skirt Looks free online on Kibagames!

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TikTok Divas: Pleated Skirt Looks

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