TikTok Diva Dentist Adventures

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TikTok Diva Dentist Adventures - remove cavities and plaque!

TikTok Diva Dentist Adventures is an educational doctor game for kids in which you'll be able to treat the dental problems of a social media artist.

Too many sweet foods and not enough brushing have taken a toll on TikTok Diva's teeth. Time for a visit to the dentist! Remove all plaque, treat inflamed areas and cavities, and also perform a professional teeth cleaning.

When tartar builds up between teeth, it not only has a negative impact on the teeth themselves, but it can also lead to receding gums. This is something the TikTok Diva wants to avoid at all costs. So operate the drill, cleaner and pliers, remove rotten teeth and tartar, and repair the teeth in a short puzzle game. You can also insert implants of your choice and design the new braces yourself. Because straight teeth not only contribute to a good visual impression, they are also important for the longevity and functionality of the dentition.

Here, no hole and no bacteria remain undiscovered! Play dentist like a pro and play TikTok Diva Dentist Adventures free online on KibaGames!

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TikTok Diva Dentist Adventures

TikTok Diva Dentist Adventures

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