The Smurfs Village Cleaning

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The Smurfs Village Cleaning - get the homes of the Smurfs in order!

The Smurfs Village Cleaning is a cute kids game in which you'll be able to help the Smurfs clean up their village after Jokey's gift explosions.

Jokey Smurf loves to play pranks on his fellow Smurfs - he's a real prankster! But this time he's taken it a bit too far and has again exploded numerous gift packages in the village. Not only did all the beautiful Smurf houses get dirty, lots of things got broken too!

Help the Smurfs clean up and repair the broken items, some of which are typical of the different character Smurfs. In return, you'll receive numerous rewards and items or decorations that you can use for your own mushroom house.

Repair Brainy's lamp, Beauty's mirror or Smurfette's carpet and table and puzzle all the objects back together correctly. To repair things, you can use glue or hammer and nails. For cleaning you'll have a sponge, soap, a water sprayer and a wiper. Also quickly unlock the knocker and upgrade your cleaning tools in the Improvements menu.

Can you make everything in the Smurf village nice and clean again and repair the Smurfs' possessions? Swing your water hose and hammer now and play The Smurfs Village Cleaning free online on KibaGames!

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The Smurfs Village Cleaning

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