Tennis Open 2022

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Tennis Open 2022 - win all four Grand Slam tournaments!

Tennis Open 2022 is an exciting sports game in which you'll be able to play for victory on the tennis court and win a world famous tournament sequence.

Click or tap and drag the cursor to change your stroke direction. Click or tap and swipe at the right time to take your opponent's shot and hit the ball back. Use the training mode to hone your tennis skills and compete against different opponents in three difficulty levels.

With each victory, you'll also earn coins that you can use to unlock new tennis rackets or upgrade your tennis player's accuracy, speed and reaction. Then switch to championship mode and play different center courts in Australia, France, the USA and the UK. Win five rounds in a row to earn a Grand Slam trophy.

Now let the tennis balls fly, win valuable trophies and play Tennis Open 2022 free online on KibaGames!

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Tennis Open 2022

Tennis Open 2022

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