Tennis Open 2021

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Tennis Open 2021 - win the Grand Slam!

Tennis Open 2021 is a cool sports game in which can play through famous tennis tournaments and win the Grand Slam trophy.

Play your way through the Australian Open, travel to Wimbledon, France and the USA to compete with your opponents on the tennis court.

Tap or swipe the arrows to execute a serve. Then tap or swipe at the right moment to use the racket and hit the ball back to the opponent's side of the court. Try out your skills in practice and earn your first points. After you have learned how to play, you can enter the championships of Tennis Open 2021 and win your first trophies. Use your earnings to improve your tennis player and upgrade stats like accuracy, speed and reaction.

Can you manage to win the Grand Slam? Swing your tennis racket now and play Tennis Open 2021 online for free on KibaGames!

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Tennis Open 2021

Tennis Open 2021

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